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Create Beautiful Documents with These Free Editable Templates and Printables!

Need a resume for your job search, an invoice for your small business, a planner for your next gym sessions? I’ve got you covered!

Free Editable Meet The Teacher Template
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Free Meet The Teacher Template

Capture your students’ attention and share your story with this free ‘Meet The Teacher’ template, designed to introduce

Personal Errands or Business Projects, Templates Make Every Task Simpler 

Whatever it is that you are doing, getting started is the hardest. How do I know? Because I’m a creative person, a busy entrepreneur…and a professional procrastinator. And I sense you are too!  

Look, when you have a laundry list of things, people, pets, and events that need your attention…every day, 365 days a year, life gets tiring, overwhelming, and messy. Instead of getting things done, you just stress over having too much stuff on your platter to do. You struggle to keep the important information in your memory — and share it with others in a digestible manner. 

The result? You are miserable. Then you complain to others and make them miserable — and get even more overwhelmed because you can’t break this chaotic cycle of being disorganized. 

My secret to battling this chaos? Templates and planners! 

Use Templates to Reign The Daily Chaos 

When you give your thoughts a clear structure and pack them up into a clear list of steps, your brain is more willing to collaborate with you. 

At the same time, when you present information to others — be it your household members, your team, clients, or a prospective employer — your point comes across faster.

Templates are an easy way to break down complex information and sequential instructions into easy-to-remember sound bites.  Digital or printable, a template is an effective way to chart a clear path of action, get on track, and power through it with ease! 

Free Templates for (Almost) Every Type of Task At Hand

SmashingDocs is my rapidly growing collection of free printable templates for all sorts of undertakings you need to muster daily — personal and business ones. 

From invoice templates and menus to chore chart templates and reward charts for kids, my goal is to offer an easy way for anyone and everyone to get organized. Because your brain (and mine too) deserves some slack! But it’s not getting enough when you keep storing a huge list of to-dos and not-to-forget things in it. 

So now is about time to make a better system for organizing, storing, and sharing important information with others — and it’s never been easier to do so. Just pick a free template you fancy and customize it! 

What Types of Templates Can You Find at SmashingDocs? 

Free Resume Templates
Don’t get stumped by a blank page. Pick a customizable resume template and put down your main skills, career history, main accomplishments, and education with ease. 

Free Certificate Templates
Big or small, personal or professional — achievements are always worth celebrating! Create attractive certificates for people you cherish using a professionally-designed template. 

Free Planner Templates
Give a better structure to your days, weeks, or months. Plan your goals and day-to-day chores with a growing collection of planner templates, to-do lists, and personal schedule templates. 

Free Menus
Wow your guests with visual eye candy before serving your main course. My printable menu templates work both for restaurants and private events — from weddings to intimate romantic dinners. 

Free Invoice Templates
Cha-ching, keep the cash rolling in with professional invoice templates. They are easy to customize and can be printed out or sent digitally to your growing cohort of happy clients. 

Free Letterhead Templates
Give your correspondence an extra visual flair using one of the fabulous letterhead templates. It’s an easy way to make your writing even more memorable!

And so much more…