Brightin – Free Resume Template with Contrast Border

free resume template brightin

Spice up your job application with the BrightIn template for your resume. It will offer your resume a modern look powered by a contrasting border that can help you win over the decision-makers in your industry.

Combining the salient power of a conservative color theme with the attention-grabbing qualities of funkier blue highlights for core sections, this template is the natural choice for job seekers who want to get noticed. 

The sidebar comes in a solid black background that contrasts effortlessly with any text placed on it. The layout also gives you lots of space to include all your career information and recap your education. Of course, you can add or delete sections to make essential sections longer. 

Click the button below to download a copy of this template for free and try it out! If this one doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, I have many other free resume templates you can try out.

Format: Word (zipped)

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