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💡 Start by focusing on the header of your resume. Make it concise and to the point. Include your most reliable contact number. Ensure you use a professional email address, even if it's from a free email service.

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💡 The resume summary serves as a snapshot of your overall resume. Keep it impactful and brief. Highlight your key strengths and most valuable skills within two to three concise sentences. Employ the first-person implied style.

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💡 Present your professional history in reverse chronological order. Detail your roles and achievements using 3 to 5 bullet points for each position. Employ past tense verbs for previous jobs but present tense for your current role. Ensure your resume shows no more than the last 10 years of your career.
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💡 You're nearly done! Arrange your academic qualifications from the highest degree to the lowest. Exclude high school details if you have over three years of work experience. If you don't hold a degree, it's not a concern. Include any professional training programs and certifications you've completed, including online courses.
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💡 Go with the 80/20 principle: Dedicate 80% of your skills list to hard skills pertinent to the job you are seeking, and allocate the remaining 20% to soft skills, which reflect your distinctive personal attributes shaped by social interactions and your life experiences.


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