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Employee of the Month Certificate for Word

Free Employee Of The Month Award

Acknowledging your members of staff that go above and beyond their role to deliver outstanding service is essential for proper performance management in the workplace. There are many ways you can recognize the efforts of high-performing staff members. One way is presenting them with an award certificate.

With its warm background color and gold accents, this certificate is ideal for the official and professional environment of the workplace. It can help you recognize the dedication, passion, and hard work of the most diligent employee in the group for each month.

With this template, you’d get a polished certificate in minutes. Simply edit it to fill in presenter and employee names and dates, after which you can print and deliver to your team member(s).

Download a free copy of the template using the button below or pay a few bucks to remove the small branding watermark.

Format: Word (zipped)

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