Free Crystal Clear Weekly Lesson Plan

Free Crystal Clear Weekly Lesson Plan Template

This teal lesson plan template is ideal if you need a structured and orderly weekly lesson plan without a lot of frills. Each day of the week has its defined space, so desired daily outcomes are delineated on the left, and outcomes and planned activities are recorded on the right side.

Experienced teachers will appreciate the easy-to-follow, neat blocks that let you plan out a week’s topics in a convenient day-by-day format. This free printable template also includes a handy extra section for notes of things to remember during the lesson, questions that need more research, or list absent students who need to catch up on missed work.

The uncluttered, cool teal design is professional yet relaxed and can be displayed confidently to department heads or supervisors. Stay on track with your lessons to feel relaxed walking into each class, knowing what work needs to be covered.

Format: PDF

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