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Free Dreamy Tones Daily Lesson Plan Template

Free Dreamy Tones Daily Lesson Plan

Calming tones of green and sky blue fade gently in and out over the page to create a whimsical background perfect to be calming and non-distracting. The day’s objectives, activities, materials, and assessment can all be neatly summarized for review.

Notes will stand out on the subtle background, and this template is perfect for themed topics like nature or ocean studies. Quickly summarize key learnings so you are well-prepared to present a focused and dynamic presentation each time you conduct a lesson. 

This free printable planner provides a subtle, relaxed background, and each page represents one lesson. The layout makes it easy to make notes, present the class, and note outcomes before filing in date order. Perfect for reviewing in a few days or the following year.

Format: PDF

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