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Free Meals and Munchies Food Diary Template

Free Meals And Munchies Food Diary Template

Take charge of your eating habits by keeping track of exactly what you eat and drink in a week. Are you getting enough water, how many snacks are you having, and what nibbles are your food weaknesses?

This pretty dusty pink food diary is the perfect way to record your weekly food intake so you can make dietary adjustments ahead of a wedding or special vacation. Whether you are the bride, mom of the bride, or simply have a special event in the future, this pretty template will allow you to build a detailed overview of your diet.

Recording what you eat will encourage you to maintain a healthy eating routine no matter how hectic your schedule is. Excitement and nerves in the lead-up to an event can sometimes take over, and you must maintain a healthy eating plan to avoid energy crashes, binges, or, even worse, a skin breakout!

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