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Free Sea-Green Homeschool Schedule Template

Free Sea Green Homeschool Schedule Template

Like regular school, homeschools need structure to get through required work. However, unlike in traditional schools, schedules can be carefully formulated around the needs of individual students. Work can be evenly spread over the entire day.

Older students will love the autonomy of setting up a workable subject and activity schedule on this full-day schedule template which can include lunchtimes, playtimes, chores, and rostered time for socializing.

Lessons for each week can be set out and planned, so time is used most productively. Getting carried away with an engaging craft lesson may eat away at valuable time required for Math or Natural Science! A template will keep everyone on track and ensure sufficient time is allocated per subject each week.

This free calming sea-green-toned timetable includes an inspirational quotation that can be included as part of the homeschoolers’ social science, history or geography themes.

Format: PDF

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