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Royalty-Free (RF) license means that you are allowed to use the downloaded assets for personal and commercial purposes with some limitations (provided by the following license terms). 

Private individuals and businesses are allowed to use the downloaded materials as they see fit. However, you cannot resell, transfer, or otherwise profit from distributing SmashingDocs materials. They are free to use and I intend to keep things this way, m’kay? 

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I always encourage people to share their amazing finds with others. But please use the direct URLs to pages, containing the assets instead of direct image links or any type of document preview versions. 

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Suppose we are good, here? 🙂


How do you deliver your free templates? 

I provide a download link to templates in Word format. Most templates are packed as a ZIP archive. So make sure you have a utility app for unzipping. There are plenty of free ones out there but most operating systems already have a built-in file extractor. In some cases, you’ll also receive a separate file with extra fonts and installation/usage instructions. I recommend having the Microsoft Word app (desktop or web) for full compatibility. Though most templates will also work with other word processing software. 

Can I use your templates as a small business owner?

Yup, you are very much welcome to. I always like to support all the bootstrappers, budding entrepreneurs, and booming businesses alike. You are allowed to use my materials for commercial purposes — send to clients, use in your operations, and so on — as long as you are not trying to sneakily pass these off as your work or make a quick buck out of ‘em. Don’t be a schmuck.

Can I publish your templates on my website? 

I am flattered, but nope. You can’t scrape and republish any materials from on your website, because these are copyrighted. If you want to share my work, you can always do so by adding a hyperlink to the template download page. I always give credit when credit is due….and so should you!

If you have any other question about using the SmashingDocs templates, feel free to reach out to me.