Nancy – Free Modern Resume Template for Word

free resume template nancy

As you consider putting together the perfect resume to help you secure your first job or take the next big step in your career, let Nancy help you out. No, Nancy is not a person. It is a unique resume/CV template that can help you stand out and shine above your peers.

This easy fill-in-the-blanks resume template helps you:

  • Include enough career details in little space with its strategic layout.
  • Stand out from the pile with its cute cheeky border.
  • Call attention to your unique personality with a space for your photograph, resume objective, career summary or personal statement.
  • Highlight your career narrative and education history without taking up unnecessary space.

Though Nancy doesn’t come with the screaming loudness of bright colors or funky fonts, it packs a lot of salient power in its simplicity and visual appeal.

To tap into this power, simply download this template, edit it and see your resume come alive. 

Format: Word (zipped)

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