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Employee of The Month Certificates: Why They Work

As so many employers struggle to keep staffing at acceptable levels, managers are beginning to review how they recognize worker achievement. This has led many to ask a valid question: Do employee of the month certificates work? Are they still an effective tool for motivating employees?

The answer to both questions is yes. Let’s go over why employee certificates still have merit and how you can use them to create a better work culture.

Employees Appreciate Small But Tangible Recognition

Some people may argue against issuing employee of the month certificates by stating that workers really want promotions, raises, and other benefits. The truth is that there doesn’t need to be competition or comparison between these things.

An IBM’s WorkTrends study found that “intention to leave is twice as high among employees who do not receive recognition (51%) compared to those who do (25%).” The study further elaborates that this recognition doesn’t have to always be monetary — smaller tokens and verbal praise also does the trick.

In other words: You should cultivate a workplace culture that offers both large and small forms of recognition. And employee of the month certificates can serve that “small” role!

4 Ideas For Making Employee of The Month Certificates Great

So, you want to recognize some of your teammates. What’s next? Grab yourself an employee of the month certificate template from the above list and then pounder of the criteria for issuing the award.

Apply the following quick tips to make your praise taste even better!

1. Use a Broad Definition of Employee

You don’t have to limit your monthly award to one person. In many cases, it’s really an entire team of people who get together to make amazing things happen. So it’s always a smart idea to customize the certificate to a pair or even a group of people that go above and beyond.

2. Make it Frameable

With awards like this, it’s the thought that counts. Unfortunately, when employee of the month certificates are hastily made up and printed on cheap office printer paper, they don’t seem very thoughtful.

Take time to customize the certificate template. Have it printed on quality paper stock. Also, think about having it framed so it can be hung up in someone’s office or cubicle. Finally, double-check things carefully. You don’t want to misspell the recipient’s name or title!

3. Align The Award With Team Goals

When it’s time to present the employee of the month certificate, you should be able to articulate why you chose the recipient. Remember, it’s important to establish criteria for this award that matches your team’s goals. Otherwise, you run the risk of it becoming a popularity contest and receiving complaints about “favoritism”.

Therefore, pre-face the award-giving with a quick summary of evaluation criteria and people who cast vote to select the top contender(s).

4. Make The Award Experience a Little More Meaningful

You can make your certificates a bit more exciting to your team members if you throw in a little extra incentive. Try adding a small token like a gift card to a local coffee shop or a paid day off. You still hold onto the low-key nature of these certificates, but make them a bit more worthwhile to your team members. In return, they may feel more motivated to meet their objectives. With a bit of care, your award recipient will feel truly appreciated in a sincere, tangible way.