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The Loveliest Letterhead Templates For Special Occasions

Add an extra “wow” factor to your personal or business correspondence with my customizable set of free letterhead templates.

Spice Up Your Business Letters with Free Letterhead Templates!

Letterheads remain popular in corporate and personal correspondence — and creating them has become much easier! You now have a ton of well-designed letterhead templates to customize and print out at home instantly. Give your business documents a makeover without burning a hole in your pocket. Snag your freebie!

What Should Be Included On the Letterhead?

Typically, a professional letterhead includes:

  • Sender’s name
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Corporate logo
  • Border design
  • Occasional graphic elements

Depending on the purpose of the letter, you can choose to omit or add other information. There are also no rigid rules for designing letterheads. As long as it occupies about one-fifth of the page, you are doing fine.

Does a Letterhead Need a Logo?

A logo on letterhead is optional. Most businesses include one for easier visual identification by the recipient. Making a letterhead with branded company details — logo, trademark, corporate colors — also helps improve your company recognition and brand name recall. So if you have a professional logo, include it on your letterhead.

How to Make a Letterhead Step-By-Step

Here’s how to make a professional letterhead.

  1. Select and download a letterhead template. Pick several options to then test which one would better suit your purpose.
  2. Customize your letterhead template in Word (or a similar app). Open the downloaded template in a word processing app to include your details – name, address, phone, email, etc.
  3. Adjust the fonts. Change the font sizes if the area looks crowded. But don’t go below size 10 as it would make the letterhead hard to read.
  4. Add a logo or other design elements. To make your letterhead more attractive, add some extra graphic elements, representing your business or your agenda for writing (e.g. inviting to an event).
  5. Tweak the color scheme. Tune up the contrast a bit to make the letterhead area pop. Or go with the tested color combinations such as grayscale; navy and blue cream; or white and fresh green.
  6. Save and print your letterhead. Once you are done, save your custom letterhead design and print it at home or send it over to your printing partner. For extra appeal, chose high-quality white, ivory, or cream letter paper. Or you can opt for a glossy finish.

Once it’s hot off the print, carefully fold your letter and send it over to the happy recipient!

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