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Upswanky – Free Creative Resume Template

Upswanky Resume Template For Google Docs

Let’s face it: if you are willing to stand the chance of securing that dream job of yours, you have to employ all available means to make yourself memorable. It’s just like what all the great brands of the world do: projecting those unique features that make their target audience easily recognize and remember them.

To have the same memorable effect on your prospective employer, you need a charming personality, an in-depth understanding of the advertised role, and Upswanky.

Upswanky is a clean and creative resume template that can help you place a visual anchor in the minds of your prospective employers. It comes with an attractive calligraphic font in the header to help you make a strong first impression. And it leaves the decision-makers with little choice but to remember your name with its clean-cut and neutral-toned design, offsetting the unique header area.

The sidebar area gives lots of space to showcase your personality, and the lofty work experience section has enough room to highlight your professional achievements. 

Make yourself memorable. Grab your Upswanky in MS Word format or open it in Google docs! 

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Open in Google Docs or Download Word version

Note: you will be asked to make a copy of the document to edit it in Google docs.

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