About Me

Hey, I’m Hertzel Betito a digital entrepreneur and a self-proclaimed graphic design artist with almost two decades of experience in the field. I love making simple elegant stuff that help others — templates, illustrations, Photoshop add-ons, and other small graphic things that can make a big visual impact (or not, but I’m fine with that).

SmashingDocs.com is my new project of organizing some of the templates I’ve carefully created over the years and continue to create weekly. I like designing things (and pretending to be super busy when my wife asks me to do the dishes) 🙂  

Me and my templates
↑ the guy, the templates!

Many moons ago I used to work for several agencies and clients across the globe. Some projects were cool and I could let my creativity reign. Others were not, because there were a ton of style guides, tech requirements, and always a person on the client team who said something like “uhm, can we like keep this square, but make it look more like a triangle, but with soft edges, and maybe 4 edges, not three. But still a triangle”. If you have ever done graphic design professionally, you know that client

So eventually I went rouge self-employed and started doing my own gigs. Then I’ve launched one portfolio website to highlight my work. Then a website offering free templates to a specific target audience, then another one, and a couple more. (Don’t judge me, I found some discounted domain names!). Some projects were successful 🚀, others didn’t make a splash 🌊.

But what I’ve learned while chugging liters of coffee and obsessing over my analytics numbers is that many people actually found my simple designs useful. The resume templates I made over the years helped many land cool new jobs. Small business owners were using my invoice templates to keep the cash rolling (and to payroll their employees). And dentists really liked the idea of giving out a bravery certificate to their small patients who didn’t bite their fingers off during the session. (Gosh, that’s a stressful job!). 

So I finally decided to give some of these templates a cool new home and proudly name it Smashing Docs. (Yeah, I bought this cool domain on sale, you’ve got me). 

Hope you’ll have a great time around here and find some cool templates to use in your personal or work project.

Everything is free for you to use, really! 

You are awesome,