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Become a “Favorite Teacher” With These Lesson Planner Templates

Plan engaging class content, key study objectives, interactive in-class activities, and assessments with customizable lesson planner templates.

Free Printable Lesson Plan Templates at

Educators and planners — welcome to the world of efficient and creative teaching with free printable lesson plan templates. Whether teaching kindergarten, high school, or anything in between, these templates simplify lesson planning, making it a breeze.

Focus on Productivity: Time is precious, especially in education. These templates aim to reduce time spent on planning, providing more time for the actual teaching and engaging with students.

What’s Inside?

  • Variety of Layouts: From daily to weekly plans, thematic planners, or subject-specific templates, there’s something for every teaching scenario.
  • Easy-to-Use Format: Each template guides through essential elements of a lesson plan, such as objectives, materials, activities, and evaluation.
  • Print-Ready: Just download and print. It’s that simple. Each template is optimized for hassle-free printing.

How to Access These Templates?

Accessing these templates is as easy as clicking and downloading. No sign-ups, no fees, just straight-up free resources at your fingertips. Check out the collection, find the one that fits the teaching style, and start transforming lesson planning today.

Remember, a well-structured lesson plan is the first step to a successful classroom experience. These free printable lesson plan templates from SmashingDocs are here to support that journey.

Happy teaching and happy planning!