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Free Divide-and-Conquer House Cleaning Checklist

Free Divide And Conquer House Cleaning Checklist

When keeping your home clean is center stage, you need a cleaning checklist to match! Use this vivid blue house cleaning checklist to easily divide up all the areas in your home between the family and hit the go button!

Moms and Dads, make cleaning a group activity and let the checklist keep your handy helpers on track. Customize the list for age-appropriate tasks for the littlies, like emptying waste paper bins, while the teens tackle the vacuuming and dishes. Everyone will know exactly what’s expected, and the house will be clean and sparkling in no time!

Supply the cleaning products and assign the tasks. Handy tick boxes next to each job lets you keep track of progress. Let your little ones add star stickers and help to make cleaning up after themselves a lifelong habit.

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