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Free Ice Cream Menu Template

Free Ice Cream Menu Template

Whet your customers’ appetite by adopting this ice cream template for your menu – with a bold and colorful outlook that can help you encourage customers to make purchases after stepping into your shop.

Its partially skewed transparent foreground gives customers access to the colorful background filled with the image of strawberries, whetting their appetite for what is to come. The body text comes in a solid dark color that contrasts effortlessly with the foreground, while the subtitles are highlighted in red to make them jump at the readers. Who says you have to stick with those colors, though? You can play around with a variety of colors for your text. 

Of course, you can add or delete sections to make room for all of the rich flavors of ice cream you have on sale. 

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Format: Word (zipped)

Credit: strawberries photo by picjumbo

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