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Free Invoice Template – Light and Friendly Note

free invoice template light and friendly note

Take the light and friendly route for your business with my free streamlined invoice design template. This template can give your business a creative outlook in the right dose without going one bit overboard, a perfect match for small businesses.

With the following features, this template is just the right one to level-up your branding:

  • A concise and straightforward layout that easily slots the different sections without any clutter
  • Toned color background for a simple and light design that is easy on the eyes
  • A two-column layout divides the document into two unequal parts offering contrast 
  • A Microsoft Word document format that anyone can easily download and customize
  • A stylish and highlighted table for easy listing and description of goods/services your business is offering to the client

So, what are you waiting for? Download it for free now, customize it to your needs and start sending it out. Oh! You’re welcome 😉

Format: Word (zipped)

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