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Free Resume Template – Crispy Green

Crispy Green Resume Google Docs

What does your resume say about you? A lot, including how informed you are about the role, your ability to summarize information, your writing skills, your attention to detail among others. 

With Crispy Green, a professional resume template, you can make all these qualities shine through for you with minimal fuss.

The template comes with some nice features, including:

  • A vertical split layout that allows for twice as much information without congestion
  • A lavish sidebar section for your career summary and list of core skills
  • A breezy work experience section for your core duties and accomplishments in previous roles
  • A header area with space for your contact information, social media handles, and professional title
  • An education history section to highlight your academic qualifications.

With all of these features, this template will, no doubt, help make your resume one to beat. And it’s completely free.   Use the link below to edit in Google docs, download a copy in MS Word format now, or go on and browse other free resume templates on my website!

Open in Google Docs or Download Word version

Note: you will be asked to make a copy of the document to edit it in Google docs.

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