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Free Swimming Award Certificate Template for Kids

Swimming Award

Besides being a fun activity, there are many ways your child can benefit from learning how to swim, like encouraging physical exercise. Celebrate your child as they progress through the learning process with this fun and colorful Swimming Award Certificate template.

From the first time your child swims without armbands or manages to swim a width of the pool without putting a foot down to the first time your child swims underwater, there are many opportunities to reward them for their accomplishments.

With this free certificate template, you can take note of every milestone in your child’s swimming journey. This makes it memorable for your little ones while also boosting them to achieve even more.

Swimming instructor? That’s the perfect reward for children who attend and finish your course!

Go ahead and download a free copy of this award template and edit the text with your child’s name and swimming achievement. It’s super easy to customize as it comes in Word document format.

Format: Word (zipped)

Credit: Kid illustration by MatoomMi

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