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Free Black and White Resume Template with a Twist – Blackboard

Blackboard Resume Google Docs

It’s no longer news that your resume is one of the ways you can grab the attention of your prospective employers. In a world seemingly saturated with color, going old school with a grayscale-themed resume is one sure-fire way to bag that attention.

With the Blackboard – a black and white resume template with a twist – you don’t have to look too far out to capitalize on the uniqueness and power of the grayscale. 

The blackboard template effortlessly combines the power of simplicity with a strategic layout to confer an aura of sophistication on your resume and multiply its impact on whoever is on the receiving end.

Why makes it a good option:

  • A unique white over black color palette makes it stand out from among other documents
  • Lots of “black space” between key sections for a great visual contrast that enhances the prominence of each section
  • A visible objective section for your career summary, quick personal statement, or any other striking piece of content you want to display.

With these amazing features, this Google docs resume freebie will help you pack a punch into your application.

Open in Google Docs or Download Word version

Note: you will be asked to make a copy of the document to edit it in Google docs.

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