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Free Modern Professional Resume Template

Modern Professional Resume Template

Step confidently into your next career move with a sleek, professional resume template. Custom-crafted for the detail-oriented professional, this design balances a modern aesthetic with functional flair. The clean, crisp layout ensures your experience, education, and profile are presented with clarity and sophistication.

With a prominent name and contact information header, your future employer’s attention is instantly captured. A well-organized work history section allows you to highlight your professional journey, while the education segment neatly packages your academic credentials.

This template is a breeze to personalize, thanks to its compatibility with Google Docs. Swap placeholder text with your own details, adjust fonts and colors, or add elements to suit your style. Whether you’re targeting a start-up or a Fortune 500, this template frames your achievements in the best light, setting you apart in a pool of candidates.

Create your ideal resume in minutes with the SmashingDocs’ user-friendly resume builder.

Your resume is your handshake before you step in the room. Make it count!

Note: You need a Google account to open this template and you will be asked to make a copy of the document to edit it in Google docs.

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