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Present Your Best Self with Free Google Docs Resume Templates with Photo

While not suitable for all job markets, in many creative and customer-facing industries, a photo can be a significant advantage.

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Resume Templates with Photo: Perfect for Creative and Client-Facing Roles

Definitely not for all job positions, but a professional photo on your resume can make a significant difference in industries where personal interaction and visual presentation are integral to the role. These industries include hospitality, acting, modeling, real estate, and various creative fields such as advertising and public relations. The above resume templates with a photo are crafted to help you make that crucial first impression count.

These templates blend modern design with functional layouts, ensuring your photo improves rather than overshadows your professional details. The strategic placement of your image alongside your skills and experiences invites potential employers to see you as a complete package—someone who not only has the qualifications but also the personal poise and professionalism to represent their brand.

Using Google Docs to create your resume allows for seamless editing and sharing, so you can tailor your resume for each application and get feedback easily. It’s accessible from any device, ensuring you can update your details as your career progresses.

If you’re seeking a more traditional career path, you’d better go for a professional resume layout or browse the entire gallery of CV templates for Google Docs for the one that best suit roles in your specific industry.